Teen Link Trainings (TLTs)

In addition to the Teen Link Help Line, we also offer Teen Link Trainings (TLTs) to schools and agencies serving youth in King County. These on-site presentations are presented by trained Teen Link staff and may also be co-facilitated by a professionally-trained youth volunteer. Using a discussion-based model, TLTs are designed to help teens identify warning signs and learn how to help themselves or a friend who may be considering suicide.

Each presentation starts with youth suicide statistics and a dialogue about stress and coping skills. We cover the warning signs of depression and suicide, as well as methods of suicide intervention. During the presentation, students are encouraged to talk openly about stress, coping mechanisms, warning signs, and how to help.

If you are interested in scheduling a TLT, please contact the Crisis Connections business office during normal business hours at: (206) 461-3210.

Feedback from students and teachers:

“I have a friend that started struggling with this at a very young age and I never knew what to do for her until now. Thank you.”

Skyline High School student

“I found the whole talk very informative, especially because I once had a friend who showed most of the warning signs for months and I didn’t know how to help; but now I do. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.”

Newport High School student

“I now have the confidence to get help.”

Federal Way High School student

“I’m glad that we covered this topic because it doesn’t get talked about or acknowledged enough.”

Lake Washington High School student

“Our students appreciate the opportunity to discuss what is real in their worlds, but avoided in adult reality. We have many discussions that have brought us back to the suicide presentation. I would recommend this presentation to all health teachers on the Eastside. We do all-school AIDS/HIV presentations each year, when suicide prevention is every bit as important.”

Jeannine Ewing, Health Teacher, Redmond High School